Welcome to the bleak future of our universe.

Mankind has long since mastered traveling amongst the stars. They have conquered a big part of our galaxy. Nations have blossomed and mighty realms faded away, but the mightiest of them all, The Teludio Empire, still thrives in the center of the galaxy. The Empire’s reach is vast, with its mycelium of influence stretching far and wide. Its might is merely a shadow of its glorious past, but it remains the greatest power in the galaxy. 

The only intelligent or technically advanced race among the stars seems to be humans, leading some scientists and theologians to wonder if physical or biological laws dictate that only one species can develop on that level in each galaxy at the same time. This has led to countless rumors and speculations about what wonders or horrors might live among the stars in other galaxies. Until now, the vast distance to our closest neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy, has made this impossible to find out with human technology.

Our own galaxy is however riddled with plenty of lethal perils of its own. It is divided into the Main Zone, where the god-like Emperor of Man still has absolute power, the Secondary Zone, where the Empire struggles to keep its head above the water, and the Outer Zone, where the war for power among countless other nations threatens to rip all civilization apart. 

Traversing these zones are merciless pirates and roaming warbands, looking for fortune or just the pleasure of death and destruction, threatening everyone crossing their path in space. Then there’s the cold and intelligent war machines, Mutant Dreadnoughts, said to be the doom of man’s mythical cradle world a long time ago and still seeking to annihilate all human life wherever they come.

Without anyone knowing it, the most cataclysmic and devastating peril of them all has yet to appear.

Universum Timoris describes the events taking place in this galaxy. The first story, Sagittarius, begins between the stars somewhere in the Secondary Zone…



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Torbjørn Lien is a cartoonist living with his partner on an island in the northern parts of Norway. He has been a comics/sci-fi/science/space nerd since childhood and a cartoonist for decades, mostly known for his comic strip Chez Cuckoo. He also makes the funny and dark fantasy comic Blacktööth Quest and has created the graphic novel Interitum.

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