The End of the Universe is postponed!

I am very sorry to inform you that I must postpone this webcomic until next year.

Why? Well, I guess the amount of work I have finally caught up with me. Besides, I was never very happy with the graphic style or the scripts I had made so far.

It's hard to admit, but I think I rushed everything last year, wanting to start this up in January 2023 without making sure everything was as good as I wanted it to be. Universum Timoris is - in my humble opinion - a great story and a great concept I've been working on for several years. This will be a very good sci-fi comic, a comic I really want to read myself. But I realize I need to go back to the working table to make better scripts for each episode and rework my art. I think the story about The End of the Universe deserves it.

While working on this, aiming for a relaunch next year, I will in the meantime focus on my two other comic projects: Chez Cuckoo and Blacktööth Quest.

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Thank you!

Torbjørn Lien.